Our Difference

PlusPoint provides the unique opportunity for you to engage with our team at the accounting skill level that fits your needs today, and then change your engagement as your company changes, allowing you to maximize leverage from your dollar. 

PlusPoint is the ideal solution without an ongoing burden on your budget.

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The Advantage:
The Vertical Stack

When you engage with PlusPoint, you access the entire team. We call this the “vertical stack”. Each member of our team works with each position in the stack.  Communication and processes flow up, down and sideways. The Controller or Analyst you engage with today will be supported by other members of our team as solutions for your company are implemented. It is a true team concept that allows you to pay for the actual level of service provided.

Our Approach

PlusPoint approaches every client from a fresh prospective. We follow an action plan that is unique and is strategic to solving or improving the accountability of a finance or digital operations team. There is no cookie cutter approach.

PlusPoint’s analysis was right on, easy to understand and actionable. Better accounting reports led to better decisions. Best consulting dollars we have ever spent!

It all starts with a conversation.