PlusPoint allows you to supplement your accounting and finance team by outsourcing with PlusPoint’s professionals who provide immediate support and skills in times of change or transition, as well as knowledgeable planning, executive counsel and direction over the long term.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Monthly/quarterly Controller oversight and review
  • Maintain a system of controls over accounting transactions
  • Issue timely and complete financial statements
  • Assessment and up-leveling of internal accounting staff
  • Calculate and issue financial and operating metrics
  • Coordinate information to external auditors
  • Monitor debt levels and compliance
  • Comply with local, state and federal reporting requirements and tax filings.
  • Develop operating plans and budgets
  • Lead annual budgeting
  • Maintain budget and forecast information
  • Evaluate profit and cost efficiencies

Digital Operations & Systems

  • Business process review and optimization
  • Business application architecture and ERP system design
  • RFP and systems selection support and insights
  • Software implementation, optimization and support, including Netsuite, Intacct, Axiom, Zuora, SFDC, CPQ
  • Systems integrations to optimize data flow and business processes
  • BI solutions to enable management reporting and key metrics reporting
  • Design Business Operations organizations and change management infrastructure


  • Plan and assist capital formation and stock option plans
  • Assistance with non-traditional debt financing
  • Assistance with structuring and negotiating equity investment, both VC and PE
  • Assist with M& A activities, due diligence preparation and deal structure analysis
  • Establish and manage professional services infrastructure – banking, legal, accounting, insurance, IS/IT
  • Prepare the company for scalable growth
  • Manage Board activities
  • Develop business plans and financial models
  • Support annul strategic planning
We are so appreciative of the tools PlusPoint has provided us that will assist us in moving forward and facilitating our growth.

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