Our Clients

Clients engage our services because they find themselves wondering what they “don’t know”, financially, and how much this is costing them.

Most of our clients are dealing with some or all of these common issues

  • Lacking clear planning to manage growth or transition.
  • Unable to identify actions to improve profits or reverse profit declines.
  • Not understanding why revenues are growing and profits are not.
  • Seeking mentoring or coaching to improve the performance of their accounting staff.
  • Lacking key performance monitoring and measurement tools.
  • Struggling with weak systems and processes and/or untimely financial reporting.
  • Needing to upgrade accounting/finance staff without disrupting their business.

With PlusPoint you are able to mix and match our accounting skill sets to fit with your needs today, allowing you to maximize leverage from your dollar.

PlusPoint is the ideal solution without an ongoing burden on your budget.

Thanks again for all the great work on the forecast model. I think we have a solid foundation now to understand the business

It all starts with a conversation.